SAIL - a new ladder for BWAPI bots without the support for voting. It runs random 1v1 games 24/7 and aims to be more fair towards calculating ELO, win rate and other AI strength values. It's main goal is to encourage competitiveness and the increase of maximum AI strength. That's why some secrecy / development in "the closed" (non-public data in read/, no bot downloads, etc.) is allowed. No video streaming of games played at this point. It's been developed and maintained by a small, dedicated team of BW AI bot authors and Twitch viewers.
NiteKat handles communications, PR, and some back end scripting. Another one of the team members should be obvious from the domain name ;)

NB: due to a technical issue (the server that was used to host the games broke down), no more games are being played for the time being. The APIs above will remain functional in the future.

Current ELO ranking
Bot vs Bot crosstable
Replays: Fast mirror by N00byedge with viewer      Fast mirror     Original source (slower)
Games list (you could save the page contents as games.csv and view in LibreOffice Calc / Excel).
Last bots update from SSCAIT: 2018-04-19 04:30:37 (updates are weekly)

Rules for AIs:

Email point of contact or @NiteKat on Discord - in the special case that you want to submit your bot directly or want your bot removed from this ladder.


This ladder is NOT in competition with other established competitions and ladders like SSCAIT, AIIDE and CIG. It rather completes the above three with a different source of game statistics and ELO ratings.

Aside from StarcraftAITournamentManager, everything else in the project has been implemented from scratch, so if you notice any bugs, corrupted statistics, suspicious activity / foul play by any bots, please report to the contact address above. Any feedback is appreciated!


Are there any plans to provide a greater variety of maps? The SSCAIT map pool is good but limited. Maps played in CIG or AIIDE might be especially valuable.

Yes, there are such plans for the future. One idea is to use the newest (pro-) versions of the SSCAIT maps instead of the current, old, buggy versions. Introducing new maps may require the pruning of some old bots unfortunately, so we are not in a hurry to do so.

How long will historical data (game results and replays) be kept? Indefinitely?

Game results will be kept indefinitely. The main source of replays will keep only the replays of the last ~15000 played games. Any replays mirrors should be able to keep at least 100000 replays in total.

Is a bot list planned, so we can see when bots are reuploaded (and possibly other info like author's notes)? It would help in interpreting ratings.

A bot list indicating which bots have been disabled and why, what the last update time is, etc. is in the plans. ETA ~ 1-2 weeks.

Is a submission form planned, so people can upload directly?

For now, manual (outside of SSCAIT) submission is only supported via email. One of the reasons is that implementing such an upload interface takes some time and effort (just imagine the non-trivial amount of checks and validations that are required). Another reason is that we like to do some extensive, manual testing (running actual games) before activating a new bot submission or even updates of an already existing submission. This avoids the possibility of completely broken bots from ever playing on the new ladder.

Is bulk download of replays planned? I could use wget....

At some point in the future, archives of a huge amount of replays may be made available. For now, you could just use your preferred tool for mass downloading of files off the Internet. Just make sure that you point to the fast mirror though. Mirrors typically lag a few hours behind in providing the latest replays.

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